Labelling xfig figures with LaTeX commands

(0) Open xfig!

(1) Draw your figure.

(2) Click on the big T to allow you to enter text on the figure.

(3) At the bottom of the window is a box that says "Text Flags hidden=off". Click that and change "Special Flag" from Normal to Special. Click Set.

(4) Enter your LaTeX command in dollar signs, e.g., $\int f(x) dx$.

(5) Save your file.

(6) Click the file menu and choose Export.

(7) From the Export dialogue box choose "Combined PS/LaTeX (both parts)", and click Export.

(8) You should now have 3 files: (a) myfile.fig (b) myfile.pstex (c) myfile.pstex_t

For example,

(9) IMPORTANT! For some reason this generates a file requiring a color package. If you don't want to use it, manually remove lines of the form "\color[rgb]{0,0,0}" in the .pstex_t file.


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